Black Gram Special Crop Zone is developed in Vavuniya district under the purview of Department of Agrarian Development and with the technical support of Provincial Agriculture Department (Extention), NP. This is introduced under the guidance of Ministry of Agriculture on the order of Hon.Mahinda Amraweera, Minister of Agriculture based on the request of Hon.Angajan Ramanathan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture. Vavuniya Farmers Requested to provide balck gram seeds under subsidy and obtain reasonable price during the harvest. Based on the request and approval, it has been decided to cultivate 16000 acres of Black Gram in Vavuniya District. The inauguration of this program held at  Vavuniya Urban Council Cultural Hall on 5th of October 2018. Following to that, Black Gram seeds distribution ongoing. Farmers have to sign an agreement and can obtain seeds under 50% subsidy in any ASC in Vavuniya.

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